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  • Winds of Plague -  Small autographed poster
  • Paramore - Large HMV poster
  • The Ready Set - Medium autographed poster

Tee’s (Most are from Hot Topic)

  • Purple All Time Low t-shirt - Size: M, Purple, Hot Topic
  • Black Never Shout Never t-shirt - Size: L
  • Black Bullet For My Valentine t-shirt - Size: S
  • No More Hate NSN t-shirt - Size: M
  • White the Ready Set t-shirt - this one is from Warped Tour 2011; Size: XS 
  • Must be following me here and here.I will be checking
  • Reblog as much as you want, more reblogs = more entries
  • 1 winner will be chosen by a random generator on December 24th 
  • Must reach 600 notes for the giveaway to happen.
Other Info:
  • Random.org is the generator I will be using. 
  • Any questions or concerns will be answered through my ask.
  • Posters and shirts are all in great condition.
  • I will be paying for shipping.
  • Worth: $140.00
  • I will be messaging the winner a few days after the contest ends.

This giveaway didn’t happen last time because it didn’t reach enough notes.